Netanyahu in Holland: We stand for the same values

PM Netanyahu discussed his meeting with the Dutch premier, a possible meeting with Mahmoud Abbas, and the Supreme Court's decision.

Hezki Baruch - the Hague,

Netanyahu and Rutte in the Hague
Netanyahu and Rutte in the Hague
Photo: Hezki Ezra

Prime Minister Netanyahu and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte gave declarations to the media at the conclusion of their meeting at the Hague.

The Dutch Premier said that Israel should stop building in the 'settlements'. "Israel and the Palestinians must meet and reach a solution."

Netanyahu said to his Dutch counterpart, "You are a friend of Israel. We, Israel and Holland, stand together against terror and for peace and democracy. Islamic extremism does not stop in the Middle East and is spreading to the entire world."

Netanyahu also referred to reports about a possible meeting between him and Mahmoud Abbas in Moscow and said the "I am willing to meet with Abbas at any time without any preconditions, for direct talks. This is something I have said hundreds of times and I will say it again here. I am not particular about the place, be it Holland or Moscow or any other place - that is no problem. It could definitely be in Moscow. I said this to President Putin and I reiterated it to the President's Emissary Bogdanov on Sunday."

He says that "The main question is of course whether Mahmoud Abbas is willing to meet without any preconditions. We hear various conflicting reports. Only yesterday Palestinian spokesmen emphasized that they are willing to meet but they have conditions - freeing of prisoners. They want to know what the results of such talks will be, etc. If Mahmoud Abbas will be willing to meet for direct talks without any preconditions, I am willing at all times. On the contrary, I have been calling on him to do this for close to seven years. If he agrees to this - there will be a meeting."

Netanyahu also referred to the interim order of the Supreme Court which bars him from instructing the Railway Authority not to work on Shabbat. "I respect the decisions of the Supreme Court, I think that they clarify the order of things. The minister in charge of this issue is the Labor Minister and he will, in accordance with the law, take decisions about which work is imperative and thus to be implemented if necessary on Shabbat, and which work is not imperative - and will take place on weekdays.

"This is the proper order of things, I think this is right and will put an end to this issue and all the citizens of Israel, whether haredi or secular, must conduct themselves in accordance with this ruling and decision."

In response to a question by the Arutz Sheva correspondent Netanyahu said that "We are willing to share with our friends in Europe our experience with fighting terror, as well as our successful efforts to maintain our state and democracy while at the same time providing security for our citizens. I think that the people of Europe will be very interested in this."