Israeli satellite destroyed, but IAI looks ahead

IAI director-general Yossi Weiss believes that the Israeli satellite industry will recover from the loss of Amos 6 and continue development.

Yoni Kempinski ,

Amos 6 explosion
Amos 6 explosion
צילום מסך יוטיוב

In an interview with Arutz Sheva, IAI director-general Yossi Weiss expressed optimism that the Israeli satellite industry could emerge from the debacle of the Amos 6 explosion and continue to build the next prototype of the satellite.

Weiss said that his first reaction was shock at the realization that four or five years work of hundreds of engineers which had been invested in building the satellite had been lost in one explosion.

Weiss realizes that this will tarnish the IAI image and will delay their entry into the African internet market which they had hoped to get involved in with Amos 6.

Yet he believes that with the help of the Israeli government he will be able to speedily initiate the building of Amos 7 and regain Israel's prominent position in the satellite industry.