'I have to see my father's murderer daily!'

Meirav Osher, daughter of Avi Osher murdered in 1991, is neighbors with her father's murderer.

Shimon Cohen,

Avi Osher
Avi Osher
Courtesy of the family

The terrorist who murdered Avi Osher with a machete in the Jordan Valley in 1991 - and was freed 20 years early as part of a “goodwill gesture” to the Palestinian Authority - is now seeking agricultural employment in the Jordan Valley.

Osher’s daughter Meirav is on a campaign to warn the farmers of the area so as to prevent the terrorist from getting work there.

In an interview with Arutz Sheva, Meirav told of the trauma her family has faced since the freeing of the terrorist and even before, and the difficulty she has in seeing the terrorist who murdered her father return to normal life – right in front of her eyes.

“Today he sits five minutes from my house, leads his life in front of our eyes, causing us suffering for the third time – the first when he murdered, the second when he was freed. He got himself an expensive shovel and he works, presents himself in Israeli communities without shame, puts on an act and works without a problem. I see him every day on the road. Is this right? Is this normal?

“I live in Bekaot and he lives in Jislig several minutes away, and he works on the road on which I travel. He goes into the food store between the Hamra Junction and the Adam Junction, a place where Jews also shop. He sits at the tire store with his water pipe and looks around smugly.

“The State of Israel sentenced us to a life of suffering. We haven’t even recovered from the release – why did you put him here? Send him back to Shechem! You’re killing us. Who’s to say that a terrorist like that who murdered a Jew won’t take a shovel and get on a bus carrying children? I’m begging them and I’m ready to lie on the road in front of the Knesset for it. I’ve suffered enough. It’s hard for me and my children – we don’t need to see him.”

Meirav talked about her campaign to prevent local farmers from hiring the terrorist. “I’ve set out on a personal campaign, and I’m saying ‘the shame is over.’ I’m advertising his picture and notifying that a murderer is walking freely here – don’t give him work. It can’t be that he passes by the place where he murdered my father, eats and drinks. Get him out of here. The reactions I get [from would-be employers of the terrorist] are ‘we didn’t know’ and ‘I believe everyone.’ There are good people here, and nobody would think to hire a murderer if he presented himself as the man who murdered Avi Osher.”