Alshich's son: My father isn't fazed by the media

Eitan Alshich, son of Police Chief Roni Alshich, claims 'anarchists are exploiting Ethiopian community for political reasons.'

Ido Ben Porat,

אלשייך בנאומו
אלשייך בנאומו
צילום: תומר נויברג. פלאש 90

Eitan Alshich, son of Police Commissioner Roni Alshich, discussed the attacks on his father and claims that the media presented a distorted and misleading picture of his speech yesterday at the conference of the Israel Bar association.

"In the media a short, edited and misleading clip was shown." wrote Alshich on his Facebook account. "It is impossible to misunderstand what was being said after listening to the entire response. Unfortunately all the members of Knesset were not ashamed to make assertions even before they saw the entire clip."

Eitan said that because of the criticism his father spent hours on the telephone until the middle of the night "Not because the incident hurt his name or endangered his position...but simply because everyone around him and everyone who was present in the hall knew that this was simply not what he said. His views were thoroughly misrepresented.

"We saw immediately from the outset of this incident that he is unfazed by the media. What does upset him is the insult to the Ethiopian community, the rift which was caused by misleading media reports and the insult to an entire community who think that the police is racist and is against them."

The Police Chief spoke with the heads of the community to explain how his words were taken out of context. "This is the reason he spoke with the heads of the community until two in the morning. One after the other in order to connect with them and to disassociate from the anarchists who are manipulating the community", explained his son.

"The damage to the community is immense. It brings us all a few steps back in our attempts to create one fabric in the country's diverse communities" added Alshich.

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