Four Palestinians arrested at Ben Gurion airport

Four Palestinian Authority Arabs living illegally in Israel broke for Terminal 3 when security ordered them to stop.

Yoni Kempinski,

Ben Gurion Airport (Illustration)
Ben Gurion Airport (Illustration)
Flash 90

Ben Gurion Airport security chased down a car inside the airport premises, arresting the riders, after security forces spotted four Palestinian Authority Arabs illegally residing in Israel who were attempting to drive through the airport.

Security was alerted when the four arrived in a car to the airport security gate, and didn't listen to instructions from the security team at the checkpoint.

The car attempted to flee in the direction of Terminal 3, while airport security established roadblocks in order to prevent the car from reaching the terminal.

After a car chase, the car arrived at the entrance to the plane area, where it stopped. Two of the passengers tried to climb the gate, until guards overpowered them.

All four have been arrested and handcuffed. After a preliminary investigation, the men were transferred to Israel Police for further questioning.

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