Illegal Arab construction threatens Shavei Shomron

Arabs from village of Nakoura east of Shavei Shomron are conducting illegal construction work, endangering access road to the community.

Shlomo Pitrokovsky,

יצהר קדומים שבי שומרון, צומת יצהר הגדולה
יצהר קדומים שבי שומרון, צומת יצהר הגדולה
הלל מאיר

The Regavim movement petitioned the Defense Ministry today (Sunday) and the Civil Administration to intervene in illegal construction and development work taking place in the Northern Samaria region.

The work is being conducted by Arabs from the village of Nakoura east of Shavei Shomron and adjacent to the access road to the community.

Oved Arad, director of the field department at Regavim notes that the work is being performed with heavy machinery in the area overlooking the access road to Shavei Shomron. The work generally takes place on weekends.

"The timing is not accidental. This is a familiar occurrence which is designed to use the vacation days of the Civil Administration's Inspection Department to create facts on the ground" says Arad. "Significant groundwork is taking place to prepare the area for construction of what would be an entire illegal neighborhood."

A few years ago the Defense Ministry placed a concrete wall to serve as a buffer between the road and the community like similar buffers which have been set up on Road 6 and on some highways near Jerusalem. However the illegal neighborhood being planned by the Arabs here would be located in an area above the road with a clear view of the houses in the community, rendering the buffer ineffective.

"Beyond the illegal aspect of this construction development , this could become a security hazard for those traveling on the access road and for the members of the community," says Yossi Dagan, Head of the Samaria Regional Council and himself a resident of Shavei Shomron. "Already now there is a serious blow to the sense of security for those travelling on this highway and as the construction progresses there will not just be a sense of insecurity but a real danger."

The local council and Regavim are demanding the Defense establishment take immediate steps to enforce the law against those who are performing the groundwork and to force them to cease working and return the situation to what it was previously.