Proof of Israel's title to this land

Fatah explains: Who is a Palestinian?

Walter Bingham,

Palestinians fight IDF in Al-Fawwar
Palestinians fight IDF in Al-Fawwar
Flash 90

Legal proof once and for all, of Israel's internationally recognized right to this land in general, and the legality of the Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria in particular.

This is the most comprehensive collection of international treaties and commitments referring to the establishment of a Jewish State in what was British mandated Palestine.

Also: Two alternatives of how and where to honourable accommodate our Palestinian Arab neighbours.

Hear: The Palestinian Arab leadership's description of who is a Palestinian? An honest and amazing confession of bloodthirstiness.

About: The misconception of Diaspora Jewry, that the fight against Islamic terrorism will divert attention from the rising anti-Semitism, BDS and its effect on the Jewish communities.

And: Politics is like Chess and why none of our leaders and commanders are any good at it. How they successively believed in Einstein's dictum.

Plus: Walter's critique of the Olympic Games.

The Controversies about Netanyahu's capitulation to Turkey's dictator; the IDF and beards; Burkinis at the beach; Hillary's emails.

And more.

Walter's World - Who Is A Palestinian?

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