Bnei Brak residents arrested for cocaine smuggling

Two young men from Bnei Brak nabbed at airport with millions of shekels worth of cocaine.

David Rosenberg ,

Drugs cocaine
Drugs cocaine

Two young men from the predominantly haredi city of Bnei Brak were recently indicted for drug smuggling, after the two were nabbed at Ben Gurion airport upon their return from Europe.

The two suspects reportedly travelled to Belgium, where they received suitcases which they brought back with on their return flight to Israel.

When drugs were discovered in their luggage at customs two weeks ago, the pair were taken into police custody, and later charged with drug smuggling.

The suspects maintain their innocence, claiming that they were unaware of what was inside the suitcases they brought back with them.

Police say the two were carrying 7.5 kilos of cocaine, valued at well over 6 million shekels ($1.7 million).

Despite the suspects’ insistence they were unaware of the contents of the luggage, the two received 40,000 shekels ($10,700) for their services, BeHadrei Haredim reports.