'Go back to Isra-Hell, you're not wanted here'

Two anti-Semitic incidents in London targeting Orthodox Jews.

David Rosenberg ,

Stamford Hill, London
Stamford Hill, London

Two cases of anti-Semitic harassment were reported in London earlier this week, with groups of men threatening Jews and hurling vile insults.

Both incidents occurred on Monday in the neighborhood of Newham.

In the first instance, a haredi family walking down the street was accosted by a man of African descent, who cursed them and demanded they leave the area.

“F---ing Jews, go back to Isra-Hell. Don’t come around here. Go to Stamford Hill [a neighborhood with a large Jewish population], you’re not welcome.”

Later that day, a 31-year old Jewish man was harangued by a group of men in the same neighborhood. After one man began hurling anti-Semitic insults at him, a group of onlookers siting on a nearby bench joined in.

London police are investigating the incidents, said police spokesman Asim Bashir.