Cop fined for attacking Samaria resident

The court ordered compensation of 13,000 shekels, after a cop refused to identify himself to a Binyamin security guard - and attacked him.

Rachel Kaplan,

Border Police (Illustration)
Border Police (Illustration)
Israel Police

The Jerusalem Magistrate's Court curbed one policeman's temper by ordering him to pay 13,000 shekels ($3,446) in compensation to a man he struck six years ago, reports the Voice of Israel.

The court also ordered the Israel Police to compensate the man 6,000 shekels ($1,590).

Six years ago, the policeman, who was not in uniform, refused to identify himself to the security guard at the entrance to the town of Neriah, in the Binyamin region. After an exchange of words, he proceeded to attack the guard.

He has since been brought to trial, and convicted on all counts. The guard also sued for damages, and the court ruled that although the guard behaved disparagingly toward the policeman and his company, there was no justification in attacking him.

Justice Dorit Feinstein emphasized that police are expected to show restraint, even in the face of verbal insults.