Girl injured in near drowning

A six year old girl from Jerusalem is in moderate condition after near drowning in a vacation home pool in the Western Galilee region.

Reut Hadar,

צילום: ISTOCK

A six year old Jerusalemite giri suffered a near drowning today (Tuesday) in a vacation home pool in one of the Western Galilee villages. She is in light to moderate condition.

Magen David Adom paramedics and volunteers from the Ichud Hatzalah organization treated the girl and evacuated her to the hospital in Nahariya.

Eyal Marom, an Ichud Hatzalah volunteer, related that "when I got to the place I saw an unconscious girl who had nearly drowned in the private pool of the vacation house where she was staying with her family. Fortunately she regained consciousness during medical treatment."

Last Friday Miriam Idel Berlin, a 15- month old infant who had been rushed to Hadassa hospital in critical condition two weeks ago after drowning in the bath in her house, passed away.

Berlin, a resident of Eretz Chefetz street in Jerusalem, was the great-granddaughter of Rabbi Aaron Leib Steinman, one of the leading rabbinic authorities in the haredi world. Her funeral took place on Friday in Jerusalem.