Forged documents factory revealed

A factory for forged entrance permits to Israel was revealed yesterday in the Samarian village of Akrabeh.

Ido Ben Porat,

כפר ערבי
כפר ערבי
פלאש 90

A 32 year old Arab from the village of Akrabeh in Samaria has admitted to forging hundreds of Israeli ID cards and entrance permits to Israeli for a price of 300 NIS per permit.

IDF and police forces raided a factory used for forging documents in the Samarian village of Akrabeh on Monday night.

The factory was being used to forge entry permits into Israel, work permits, ID cards and Israeli driving licenses. Searches revealed a portable computer, a printer, forging equipment and forged documents.

The 32 year old Arab who was arrested admitted forging the entrance permits and ID cards for a fee of 300 NIS per permit. He will be brought in front of a judge for a hearing for remand in custody this morning.