Organization distributes bookbags to children

As the school year draws nigh, not everyone can afford to replace a ripped bookbag or buy new pencils. Enter Project Illuminate.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Preparing for the school year
Preparing for the school year
Courtesty of Cry of Poverty

The upcoming school year is just around the corner, and many students are already preparing their new bookbags and notebooks for their return to the classroom.

However, Israel still has large economic gaps, and in one classroom you can find children who are just returning from vacation abroad rubbing shoulders with children whose famillies are far below the poverty line, and can't buy them school supplies.

At least for school matters, though, help is on the way: An organization called "Cry of Poverty" is working on Project Illuminate to, among other welfare projects, provide hundreds of children with bookbags and writing materials ahead of the school year. This is the project's second year, where organizers distribute learning materials via school principals and supervisors.

The children themselves are very excited by their new school supplies. A moving letter from two brothers from the Neve Yaakov neighborhood of Jerusalem reads: "To the honorable donor of the bookbags, a heartfelt thank you that you made me happy and my brother. We were very excited to get the bag and its contents. It's a lot of fun to start the new year with a new and nice bag, and we wish you a year of health and joy, blessing and success for all your life."

Yizhar Navon, who runs the organization, commented: "The bookbag distribution initiative...has gained momentum since last year, while this year we received many requests, and we doubled bag distribution. As an organization which aims to enable minorities, we are happy to give these children a new backpack, and within it, all the necessary writing materials he needs, in order to open the new year of studies in the best way possible."