Indictment filed for Jerusalem street stabbing

Two Jerusalem youths have been indicted for stabbing and wounding two brothers with whom they had a street fight.

Shlomo Pitrikovsky ,

Stabbing knife attack
Stabbing knife attack

An indictment has been filed against Jerusalem youths Shlomo Buzaglo and Netanel Bitton, aged 19 and 18, respectively, for causing bodily harm with serious intent, causing injury in serious circumstances, and illegal possession of a knife.

According to the indictment, Buzaglo and Bitton met up three weeks ago in the early morning hours with two brothers with whom they had a standing conflict, on a central Jerusalem street.

After exchanging insults, the brothers left the scene. Buzaglo and Bitton followed them, eventually reaching Hillel Street in the center of the city. At that point, an argument broke out, and Bitton took out a knife and threatened the brothers. One of the brothers responded by taking out pepper spray and spraying it at Bitton; this caused Bitton to drop the knife. Immediately afterward, Buzaglo took out another knife and stabbed the brothers, who were, as a result, transferred to the hospital with injuries to the stomach and to the buttocks.

When the police arrived to detain Bitton for questioning, he fled before being placed inside the police vehicle, jumping off a 3-meter wall in the course of his escape. After a chase, he was eventually caught.

The prosecution is requesting to hold Buzaglo and Bitton in custody until the end of proceedings against them.