20 orphan weddings in 20 days

The Kupat Ha'Ir charity organization is making 20 weddings, for 20 orphans, in 20 days

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A Wedding
A Wedding
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Twenty orphans in twenty days.

Did you ever have a friend or relative that dealt with a real tragedy? Kupat Ha'Ir, who helps the needy and distressed of Jerusalem, deals with such every day. The organization helps people with inconceivable poverty, who suffer without end.

With all of the pain and suffering in the world and the fundraising campaigns to choose from it is so easy to be desensitized. This, however, is not just a fundraising campaign. These are not just pictures, videos or articles. They are people, real young people who have experienced loss and who are crying out for help so that they can make their wedding.

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Sure, it is easy to scroll past. But if a friend of yours called you today, and told you that they could not afford to make their wedding, that there were no parents to help, that they were desperate -- what would you do? When faced with their humanity, what would you say? Surely you would give.

These people genuinely have nothing. Do you understand what nothing means? An engagement hanging in the balance, in danger of being cancelled, the bride in tears because she does not have a dowry. A family with no choice but to pray, because it is the week before the wedding and there is no hall. These are not stories, these are people. And they need your help.

They have turned to Kupat Ha'ir after looking everywhere else, and now Kupat Ha'Ir is making 20 weddings for 20 orphans in 20 days. It is a huge undertaking but we believe that we can do it; with your help we can make this dream come true.

No bride or groom deserves to cry out of fear for the future on those days. One person's contribution could mean the world -- a pair of shoes, a month of rent. This is the commandment of helping a wedding, and truly having a part in building a true home of Israel.

Next month in Elul, we will be standing in shul, crying out that charity has the power to overturn bad decrees. But did we live it? Why wait until that day?

Join us in marrying off 20 orphans in 20 days -- an incredible mitzvah and a great way to begin the new year!

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