Celebrating 600 weeks of Walter's World

Expulsions of Jewish homes continue.

Walter Bingham ,

Walter's World
Walter's World
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Today I celebrate two milestones of my journalistic and radio career.

It was in August 2004, yes 12 years ago, when I brought my radio show to Israel and Walter's World started here on Israel National Radio, Arutz 7 as a weekly chat show. In line with internet development it is now a much listened to podcast. 2016 is also my 49th year in this business. So this program starts with a bang! Well, not so much a bang as the sound of a popping cork.

After this L'chaim you will hear all about the little known, but not insignificant Arab contribution to Israeli society and their commitment to the State.

And: Every so often, we unfortunately hear of expulsions of Jews from their homes at the order of our supreme court, even if the alleged Arab landowner is nowhere to be found.

One of the most horrendous of such actions took place during one night in 2007 in Hevron. I became the subject of my most emotional live report ever. Because of its significance, and the proposed forthcoming action in the much plagued village of Amona, I replay it today with the warning that it may upset you.

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