Riots in refugee camp over IDF operation

Large-scale counter-terrorism operation elicits rioting in Arab town near Hevron.

Uzi Baruch ,

Arab rioting (file)
Arab rioting (file)

As part of the IDF's efforts to break up terror cells across Judea and Samaria, three infantry battalions entered the town of Al-Fawwar in order to make arrests, conduct weapons searches, and serve summons' for questioning by security forces.

During the operation, Israeli security forces found and confiscated two pistols, a commando knife, stun grenades and ammunition. While IDF forces were conducting searches in the town, riots broke out in several areas with dozens of Arabs throwing rocks, bricks, and improvised explosive devices at soldiers. No IDF personnel were hurt.

The battalions responded with crowd-dispersal measures, firing Ruger bullets in the direction of the rioters in order to neutralize the threat.

An army spokesperson said security forces are continuing the operation and intend to pursue it until all objectives are met.