Clinton foes claim photos reveal medical issues

Unearthed picture of Clinton aides helping her struggle up stairs rekindles rumors Democratic nominee suffered serious head injury.

David Rosenberg ,

Clinton struggles up stairs during South Carolina visit in February, 2016
Clinton struggles up stairs during South Carolina visit in February, 2016

More than three and a half years after then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton collapsed and suffered a concussion, pictures of the former First Lady struggling up stairs have rekindled rumors that Mrs. Clinton’s injury was far more severe than suggested by State Department officials, and may have lingering effects.

In December 2012, Mrs. Clinton cancelled a planned trip because of an undisclosed illness, with State Department officials saying she was “under the weather”.

Days later, Clinton fainted, suffering a concussion when she hit the floor. On December 13th, State Department officials said the Secretary had been diagnosed with a concussion, but claimed it “was not severe”.

Two days later, the Department issued a statement, saying that Clinton had fainted from dehydration, caused by a stomach virus.

At the end of December, State Department officials announced that doctors had discovered a blood clot in Clinton’s head, “stemming from the concussion she sustained”.

Following Clinton’s injury and subsequent hospitalization, critics of Mrs. Clinton suggested she appeared to be suffering from lingering effects of the concussion and blood clot, intimating that she may in fact have suffered a stroke, despite statements to the contrary by her doctors.

During her testimony in January 2013 regarding the Benghazi attack, Clinton foes pounced on her use of glasses – rather than eye contacts – during public appearances. Department officials later confirmed she indeed had temporarily traded in her contacts for glasses as a result of her injury.

Clinton’s husband Bill later revealed that the Secretary needed “six months of very serious work” to recover from her concussion and blood clot.

When State Department emails sent by Clinton confidant Huma Abedin discussing the Secretary’s impediments while working was released under the Freedom Of Information Act, Clinton critics again pounced, claiming it proved she was physically unfit for office.

In the emails, Abedin wrote that Clinton was, in early 2013, “often confused”.

Other emails indicated that Clinton overslept while senior White House officials waited to show her “sensitive items”, and that the Secretary needed assistance in dealing with phone calls to foreign leaders.

This Sunday an image of the former Secretary struggling up several stairs quickly rekindled speculation regarding Clinton’s health and fitness for office.

The picture, taken early in the primary season during a February visit to South Carolina, shows Clinton being supported as she struggled to ascend stairs.

Initially pushed by The American Mirror, the story was quickly picked up by the Drudge Report.

Later, Fox News pundit and conservative talk radio host Sean Hannity convened the 'FOX News Medical A-Team', which suggested Mrs. Clinton may be “prone to falling” following her injury, and that her staff may be more concerned about her condition than official statements suggest.

While the Clinton campaign has rejected claims she is suffering from serious health issues, Clinton’s comments that she had “short-circuited” while explaining her ongoing private email server debacle did little to quash rumors regarding her physical condition.