On the Shloshim of Dr. Irving Moskowitz Z'L

Pinchas was a whole man, encompassing both this world and the next.

Dr. Joseph Frager,

On the Shloshim of Dr. Irving Moskowitz Z'L
On the Shloshim of Dr. Irving Moskowitz Z'L
צילום: ישראל ברדוגו

A year ago I began this Parsha Series with G-d's help with Parshat Pinchas.

I start the second year of this Torah Journey in memory to Dr. Irving Moskowitz Z'L (Yitzchak Isaac Ben Rav Zvi) who's Shloshim corresponded to Parshat Pinchas in Israel. It is truly fitting that this was so. Dr. Moskowitz, Z'L was a man of decisive action like Pinchas. Rabbi Nison Alpert Z'L comments on the Posuk, "Therefore say: Behold! I give him My covenant of Peace "(25:12) that Brit Shalom relates to Sheleimut.

"Sheleimut Amitit, true perfection, is when one has mastery over oneself to the extent that he consistently makes decisions intelligently unswayed by emotional impulse." This was Dr. Moskowitz to a tee. True Peace cannot be achieved unless one stands upon principles. One has to be Shalem in order to bring about Peace. Peace can only be made from Strength. This was Pinchas. He acted decisively and saved a Nation. Dr. Moskowitz made sure to secure Yerushalayim and all of Yehuda and Shomron. Pinchas showed the way to connect the world above with the world below.

Not only was he given the Brit Shalom for his Mesirut Nefesh, he was given "a covenant of eternal priesthood".(25:13) His act of Shalem which connected the upper and lower worlds was further connected by the Kehuna. This is precisely the role of the Kohen. Rabbi Nison Alpert Z'L further asks that Chazal say "S'char Mitzvah Behai Alma Lekah", "Reward for Mitzvot is not given in this world" so how is it that Pinchas was given his reward in this world? He answers that man does not receive his complete reward in this world because he is lacking Sheleimut.

Pinchas was by definition a man of Sheleimut encompassing both worlds so he received a full reward in this world. Chazal say that Pinchas and Eliyahu Hanavi were one and the same individual. This again highlights the Sheleimut factor of both Pinchas and Eliyahu. Both bridged the world above with the world below. The Zohar says that Eliyahu is alive in both worlds.

He attained Sheleimut in this world. The Haftorah for Parshat Pinchas in years when Parshat Pinchas is read before the 17th of Tammuz is about Eliyahu Hanavi. Dr. Moskowitz too bridged the Yerushalayim above with the Yerushalayim here on earth. Because of Dr. Moskowitz's Sheleimut the Jewish People have been given the rewards for all of his efforts in this world. His memory should be a Blessing eternally.

Shabbat Shalom