Trump hits back:
'Hillary refuses to mention radical Islam. Unfit.'

Soon after Hillary Clinton delivers speech at DNC as nominee, Donald Trump tweets his disdain, hitting her on Islam, immigration, and trade.

Shai Landesman,

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Republican nominee for President Donald Trump did not wait long to retaliate against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, in what is the opening salvo in a war of words and insults that is sure to accompany the campaign leading to the US Presidential election in November.

Clinton spoke Thursday night at the Democratic National Convention, and attacked what she portrayed as Trump's divisiveness, saying that the Republican nominee "wants us to fear each other."

Utilizing Twitter to attack with short comments, as is his wont, Trump opened by criticizing Clinton for not mentioning the term "Radical Islam" in her speech:

Clinton, for her part, together with President Barack Obama and many others in the Democratic party, has argued that labeling terrorism as stemming from any form of Islam only creates more animosity among moderate Muslims who will be made to feel that their faith is under attack by the west, increasing the chances that they'll be radicalized.

Mr. Trump then went on to attack Clinton for her "establishment" Wall Street ties. Positioning himself as the "outsider" candidate who is supposedly not beholden to, or "bought" by, any special interests:

Next came the immigration issue, one of the main drivers behind Trump's success in winning the nomination. Trump referred to the plight of working class Americans, who he claims are economically and socially victimized by runaway immigration and international free-trade deals:

Hillary Clinton's foreign policy record as Secretary of State did not escape Mr. Trump's social media onslaught:

And finally, for good measure, Donald Trump made sure to get in one final attack on Clinton's aptitude and leadership abilities:

The Trump campaign released an official statement in response to Clinton's DNC speech, hitting on many of the same points Trump addressed in his Twitterstorm.

"Hillary Clinton’s speech was an insulting collection of clichés and recycled rhetoric. She spent the evening talking down to the American people she’s looked down on her whole life.

"Hillary Clinton talks about unity, about E Pluribus Unum, but her globalist agenda denies American citizens the protections to which they are all entitled – tearing us apart. Her radical amnesty plan will take jobs, resources and benefits from the most vulnerable citizens of the United States and give them to the citizens of other countries. Her refusal to even say the words ‘Radical Islam’, or to mention her disaster in Libya, or her corrupt email scheme, all show how little she cares about the safety of the American people.

"It’s a speech delivered from a fantasy universe, not the reality we live in today.

"Hillary Clinton says America is stronger together. But in Hillary Clinton’s America, millions of people are left out in the cold. She only stands together with the donors and special interests who’ve bankrolled her entire life. Excluded from Hillary Clinton’s America are the suffering people living in our inner cities, or the victims of open borders and drug cartels, or the people who’ve lost their jobs because of the Clintons’ trade deals, or any hardworking person who doesn’t have enough money to get a seat at Hillary Clinton’s table."