Baltimore police aqcuitted of all charges

Prosecutors drop all charges against police officers involved in the arrest young African American Freddie Gray.

Tal Polon,

Police line (illustration)
Police line (illustration)

Prosecutors dropped all remaining charges against the Baltimore police officers involved in the arrest of Freddie Gray. The officers had been accused of using excessive force in the arrest, when Gray was pronounced dead after a ride in the back of the police van.

According to the Baltimore Sun, the saga was brought to a close when hearings this morning for the case against one of the officers were suddenly dropped by the prosecution, implying acknowledgement of the unlikelihood of a conviction - given that the other officers involved in the case had previously been acquitted from more serious charges.

The police had arrested Gray after they suspected him of being involved in a drug deal. Prosecutors had accused the officers of arresting Gray illegally, for failing to buckle Gray's seat belt when they put him in the police van, and for not calling a medic when Gray complained of pains in the back of the van, according to AP.

The case sparked riots and nation-wide debate about police brutality.