The prosecution doesn't want the truth to come out

Azariya's lawyers attack the military prosecution for the "unfair" manner of its interrogation.

Yoni Kempinski ,

עורכי הדין של אזריה
עורכי הדין של אזריה
צילום: יוני קמפינסקי

The lawyers of Elor Azariya, the soldier currently on trial for shooting a wounded terrorist in Hevron, came out strongly today (Monday) against the military prosecution, claiming that their interrogation against Azariya is unfair.

Eyal Basarglik, one of Azariya'a lawyers, addressed Azaryia's words during the trial regarding the testimony of his company commander, who, Azariya asserted, had given false testimony.

"There were clear contradictions between the company commander's testimony before and during the trial, particularly regarding the distance of the knife from the terrorist.

"Elor was careful to show respect to his superior commanders, but when the prosecution asked him to evaluate the trustworthiness of the company commander, Azariya told his opinion, and it is completely legitimate.

According to Basarglick, the defense team only heard certain details from Azariya that he had forgotten after the traumatic event, such as his company commander slapping him after he shot the terrorist. "The military prosecution does not want the whole truth to come to light."

Another member of the defense team, Ilan Katz, pointed to a double standard to which Azariya is being held.

"When the company commander testified [...] that he did not remember certain details from the incident, nobody made a big deal of it.

"But when Elor, who finds himself in an unpleasant situation not conducive to his own good for four months already, is being interrogated in a way that is maybe legally permissible, but clearly unfair- one can see [that they are trying to lead the trial to a specific place], and when he tries to answer a question they divert him from the subject at hand[...] A soldier is also allowed to forget things[...]"

When asked earlier today by the prosecution about an apparent contradiction in his relation of events, Azariya had stated that "during the initial investigations I was not in a good mental state. Even now, I'm not well.

"There were some things I didn't remember from the initial investigation. I was in shock from the incident and from the arrest".