"Rabbi Levinstein's remarks are unacceptable"

The Chairman of the Defense Department calls on Rabbi Levinstein to "clarify" his remarks against the LGBT community in coming days.

Kobi Finkler ,

"בצה"ל חוששים מהמוטיבציה שלנו". הרב יגאל לוינשטיין בכנס 'ציון וירושלים'
"בצה"ל חוששים מהמוטיבציה שלנו". הרב יגאל לוינשטיין בכנס 'ציון וירושלים'
צילום: יח"צ ליב"ה

The Chairman of the Defense Department, Udi Adam, called on Rabbi Yigal Levinstein to "clarify his remarks" in a meeting Thursdsay with the Heads of the Pre-military Academy of Eli, Rabbis Eli Sadan and Yigal Levinstein.

At the meeting, Adam brought up the fact that the IDF's Code of Ethics stresses "respect for everyone" as a fundamental value: "Every person possesses inherent value irrespective of ethnicity, religion, nationality, sex, status and job."

According to Adam, camaraderie has always been an essential value of the IDF, "and I have no doubt that placing the LGBT community outside of the the camp opposes the most fundamental of the IDF's values."

Adam emphasized that, as representative of a pre-military academy supported by the Department of Defense, the remarks of Rabbi Levinstein are severe and unacceptable. He called on the Rabbi to "clarify" his remarks in the coming days.

Earlier, Minister of Agriculture Uri Ariel had attempted to prevent the meeting between Adam and the Rabbis by turning to Minister of Defense Avigdor Liberman. "The attacks against Rabbi Levinstein have gone out of proportion," wrote Ariel. "It's severe in my eyes that the Chairman of the Defense Department is joining in this masquerade."

"Rabbi Levinstein expressed his opinion as a private citizen and, although he heads an academy that cooperates with the IDF and Defense Department, a 'clarification meeting' is an exaggeration that crosses an ethical and democratic red line," Ariel warned.