'Come back to Syria to rebuild the homeland'

Syrian clerics call for refugees to return to Syria to help rebuild the country, say mass emigration serves Assad and Iranian interests.

Dalit Halevi ,

Syrian refugees
Syrian refugees
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Millions of Syrian citizens left the country as a result of the bloody civil war that began in 2011, and in which well over 250,000 have been killed. Most of these expatriates are living in neighboring countries, Europe, and North America.

Syrian Grand Mufti Ahmad Badr al-Din Hassoun has called for the tens of thousands of Syrian refugees who've arrived in North America over the past year to return in order to rebuild their homeland.

In a video message published by the "Syrian House" in Canada, Hassoun reminded Syrian refugees of the importance of the land of Syria, which is "blessed" with Islam, and noted that a man who loses his homeland loses his future and identity. He concluded the message with a prayer to Allah to help the refugees return home.

The Supreme Islamic Council of Syria also opposes emigration to western countries, saying that this phenomenon serves the interests of the Alawite Assad regime and Shi'ite Iran, by emptying the country of its Sunni Muslims.