4-year-old who was trapped under tractor dies

Four-year-old Hadas Levi dies, three days after a tractor fell on her. Hana Dwek, who was also struck, died earlier this week.

Yoni Kempinski,

Scene of the accident
Scene of the accident
Police spokesperson

Doctors at Shiba Hospital say that four-year-old Hadas Levi, who was caught under a fallen tractor on Tuesday, passed away from her wounds on Friday morning.

Hana Geula Dwek was also killed in the accident, which occurred near the entrance to Hashmonaim.

Hadas was walking with her mother at time time, when a truck sped around a corner and the tractor it was carrying fell off, trapping Levi and Dwek.

"We were walking and got off the bus," explained Hadas's mother Avishag, who was lightly wounded in the incident.

"Before it happened, my friend next to me said, 'Look, look. He's driving like crazy.' Within a few seconds the tractor fell. Hadas suffered a very severe and irreversible injury to her brain. I flew back but the tractor didn't fall on me. I fell, broke my elbow badly and I went around the security rail. I looked for Hadas and didn't see her.

"I understood that she was underneath and I yelled to people that Hadas was under the tractor. I yelled that it crashed. I don't know how long it took to get her out. They performed CPR on her, the whole time. Without stopping. Even in the emergency room they were trying to resuscitate her," she told Channel 2.

"I saw him driving wildly in the traffic circle after the barrier, a few minutes before the accident. They didn't do anything wrong, they were walking on the sidewalk like they should. It was the driver's carelessness and irresponsibility that caused what happened," said Hadas's father Aviah.

The driver has been arrested on suspicion of manslaughter. He is currently under house arrest.