Obama and Bush address Dallas officers at memorial

US President Obama and former President Bush address servicemen in Dallas at memorial for casualties of shooting attack

Tal Polon,

Barack Obama
Barack Obama

US President Barack Obama spoke at a Dallas memorial yesterday in honor of the five Dallas police officers gunned down by shooter Micah Johnson several days ago.

Obama told brief anecdotes about the killed officers, calling them heroes.

"Like police officers across the country, these men and their families shared a commitment to something more than themselves," he said, adding: "They were upholding the Constitutional rights of this country."

At the same time, Obama drew a moral equivalent between the murder of the policemen and recent incidents which resulted in the deaths of several young African Americans by police forces.

"With an open heart we can learn to stand in each other's shoes, look at the world in each other's eyes, so that maybe the police officer will see his own son in that teenager with the hoodie and the teenager will see in the police officer the same words and values of his own parents," he said.

Former President George W. Bush also spoke at the memorial, calling for Americans to remember their shared values rather than focus on what divides them.

"This is the bridge across the nation's deepest divisions," Bush said. "We don't want the unity of grief, nor do we want the unity of fear. We want the unity of hope, affection and high purpose," he said.