Dallas police search for suspicious person

Dallas police officers search for suspicious person in the parking garage at their headquarters, before giving the all clear.

Ben Ariel ,


Dallas police officers on Saturday searched for several hours for a suspicious person in the parking garage at their headquarters, the department said, according to CNN.

However, the search yielded no suspects or strange items and was called off after several hours, the department added. It was unclear who reported the suspicious person.

The search came as visitors were dropping by the headquarters to pay tribute at a memorial for five police officers who were killed by a gunman Thursday night after a protest march.

Dallas police had tightened security throughout the city because of an anonymous threat, spokeswoman Monica Cordova said earlier without elaborating, according to CNN.

The search also came as Dallas police defended their use of bomb-carrying robot that killed Micah Xavier Johnson, the man who gunned down four Dallas police officers and one transit police officer this week, saying it used the robot as a last resort.

Negotiations had failed and the gunman was still shooting at them, so police used C4 with a detonation cord mounted on a Remotec F-5 robot. The explosive weighed about one pound, police said.

Dallas detectives are piecing together a picture of Johnson to determine whether he acted alone in his ambush of police or had allies in preparing for the shooting that killed the five officers.

Authorities have said they believe Johnson was the sole gunman during the Black Lives Matter protest Thursday in Dallas. What is unclear is whether the 25-year-old army veteran, whom some people described as a loner, conspired with others or how long he had planned an attack, according to the CNN report.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Friday that investigators had determined Johnson did not have any connection to terrorist organizations.

The shootings in Dallas came amid a protest over the fatal police shootings of two black men in Louisiana and Minnesota this week. Similar protests -- mostly peaceful -- were held Friday in dozens of cities across the United States, and more were held Saturday.

Following Thursday night's shooting, Cleveland police officials said Friday they had tightened their security plan for the July 18-21 Republican National Convention.