Yeshiva students suspected of drug smuggling

Three yeshiva students arrested for allegedly smuggling ecstasy pills from Germany into Israel.

David Rosenberg,

Drugs (illustration)
Drugs (illustration)

Three yeshiva students have been arrested for allegedly smuggling drugs into Israel.

The students, including two 25-year old residents of Bnei Brak and a 22-year old from Beitar Illit south of Jerusalem, have been accused of flying to Germany, purchasing ecstasy pills, and attempting to sneak them into Israel, concealing them in cigarette packs.

The initial arrests in the case came more than two weeks ago, when two of the three returned to Israel from Germany. Customs agents discovered the drugs after the pair landed in Ben Gurion Airport.

A third suspect was taken into custody last Wednesday. A resident of Bnei Brak and student at the Mir Yeshiva in Jerusalem, the third and final member of the smuggling ring to be arrested is believed by police to have planned the smuggling operation. They noted that he had previously traveled to Germany, and purchased the plane tickets for the two smugglers with his own money.

Attorney Roei Attias, who represents the man accused of planning the smuggling attempt, claimed that his client had simply done his friends a favor after they requested that he arrange their flights, with the intention of paying him back later.