Palestinians were created to make trouble for Jews

Wild Bill's description of the creation of 'invented' Palestinian people as a way to attack Jews goes viral.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Pro-Palestinian demonstration in Tunis (archive)
Pro-Palestinian demonstration in Tunis (archive)


A man calling himself WIld Bill described his support for Israel in a video that is going viral.

"We all know that Islam is giving the world a lot of things that will be long remembered. They invented the fine art of skyjacking, suicide bombers and taqiya - the art of lying to infidels," he began.

"They are the only religion to develop a preschool program where the children sing about exterminating Jews and I do believe they are the only ones to demolish two skyscrapers while 3,000 people were still inside. Yes, Islam has a long and proud history of doing things that nobody else does.

"But by far the most creative invention of Islam is the Palestinian: a person who has never been seen before in the modern world who supposedly lived in a nation that never existed. The Palestinian was invented shortly after the nation of Israel sprang into existence as the new name for the traditional home of the Jewish people.

"Now, prior to the invention of the Palestinian, the Arab nations had been lusting for the land of the Jews because the hardworking Jewish people had transformed the desert land into a well-irrigated and beautiful oasis and the Arabs decided they wanted it.

"So in the traditional Muslim style, they sent in massive armies to  massacre the Jews and steal their land. But the Israelis stomped the living doogy-doo out of them and sent the Arabs fleeing back across the border like a bunch of whipped puppy dogs. And they've been afraid of the Israelis ever since.

"But prior to the invasion, the Arabs warned all the Jordanians, Syrians and Lebanese living in Israel to get out. They constantly told them that within a few days they could waltz right back in and take over the homes of the exterminated Jews. But when the Arab armies failed to capture even one Jewish home, the Arabs who left had no place to go. And that's when the Muslims invented 'the Palestinian'. They told the Jordanians, Syrians and Lebanese that they are now Palestinians and that they were to spread the story that the Jews had stolen their homeland from them, leaving them as poor refugees. Now the idiots at the United Nations bought that line hook line and sinker and American liberals, also being idiots, joined right in. And the Palestinian came into existence with the express purpose of causing trouble for Israel.

"So today when we hear of liberals whining that the Jews are illegally occupying the land of poor Palestinians, that is nothing but a big pile of horse puckey, and I can prove it. The next time you talk to one of these supporters of these poor Palestinians, ask them a few questions. Like, what year did the nation of Palestine come into existence? What were its national borders and what year did it cease to exist? Since it never existed in the first place, they won't be able to answer you.

"But don't stop there. Ask them what currency did the nation of Palestine use and why is there no history of it? And ask them if they can name one leader of the nation of Palestinian prior to Yassir Arafat. Of course, these questions tend to force liberals to face the truth.

"Now, normal people, when confronted with truth, tend to change their opinion if necessary. But don't expect this from American liberals. Truth just makes them angry. Now it is crystal clear who the good guys are in this conflict and, as an American, i am proud to stand with Israel against the liars and murderers of the Middle East. as an American i am ashamed that our liberals tend to take the side of the liars and the murderers of the Middle East."