Haredi threats: 'You will be strangled tonight'

Haredi man encouraging dropouts to enlist or find work reveals shocking threats by haredi extremists: 'you and your kids will burn.'

Ari Yashar ,

Haredi enlistment protest (illustration)
Haredi enlistment protest (illustration)
Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Eli Adler, a 54-year-old haredi resident of Elad who works in the Shahar organization that encourages haredi youth who have dropped out to join the job market, academia or enlist in the IDF, has received shocking death threats.

"Tonight you die, you'll be strangled," a haredi man who called Adler and refused to identify himself threatened ominously, in a call that was recorded and exposed by Walla on Wednesday.

It isn't the first threatening phone call Adler and his family members have received in the past two years from radical haredi Jews who oppose his work of integrating haredi youth into Israeli society.

Extremist haredi sources have accused him of "treating the youth that drops out by sending them to the IDF, and instead of returning them to what is good - he tosses them into the abyss."

In the recent call received and recorded by Adler, who serves as the director of Shahar's education and youth dropouts department, an anonymous man is heard cursing and threatening him repeatedly.

"You are stinking trash, you donkey, you and your children will be burned in fire, a strange death, they'll make cutlets out of you and slaughter you, they'll cut off each of your fingers and put them in salt," threatened the haredi man.

"You deserve every curse. You will receive all of this. All of the curses written in the Torah, you deserve 1,000 times as much."

Adler told Walla that he does not intend to respond, but his wife told the news site that in the last two years he and the family have been exposed to threats and curses by radical haredim.

According to her the latest phone call, which came in on Sunday night, constitutes "an escalation and the crossing of a red line."

"We received many calls up till today in which he was told 'be ashamed,' 'may your name be erased' or things like that," said the concerned wife. "There had not yet been an explicit threat to murder (him)."

"It doesn't frighten or shock us - we aren't fearful people but the main problem is that the attorney's office hasn't moved itself for a long time. It's years that we've been exposed to threats, curses and abuse and there isn't anyone in the state that gives an appropriate response."

The radical haredi group "Jerusalem faction" has been primarily leading opposition to haredim who join the IDF, holding numerous protests in the past. Around a year ago the group published a notebook listing the names of haredi Jews working for the IDF or on their own to encourage haredi enlistment or integration in the job market and academia.

Police arrested the people who are thought to have put the booklet together, and they were later indicted and currently stand trial for their apparent incitement to violence.