Airplane lifted while still connected to gate

Damage inflicted to a Boeing 737 after its nose lifted while still connected to the gate sleeve at Ben-Gurion Airport. No injuries reported.

Shoshana Miskin,

Airplane (illustrative)
Airplane (illustrative)

Shortly after passengers left a Boeing 737 airplane belonging to Ukraine International Airlines, the nose lifted while still attached to the gate sleeve at Ben-Gurion Airport’s Terminal 3.

No injuries were caused by the incident and the only damage inflicted was to the aircraft.

An initial investigation indicated that the cause of the tilt was due to imbalance in the cargo hold as it was incorrectly loaded in Kiev.

After the incident the aircraft was towed to the parking area and examined.

"Last night after midnight a plane arrived from Ukraine and landed at Ben-Gurion Airport. Cargo was loaded in an unequal distribution of weight and after the plane connected to the sleeve and the passengers left, the weight in the back caused the front to rise. The plane was damaged and examined this morning,” read a statement by the Israel Airports Authority.