Terror suspect nabbed with police uniforms

36 year-old Bethlehem resident caught with uniforms at checkpoint, is suspected of planning to use them for attack.

Uzi Baruch , | updated: 20:54

Police uniform
Police uniform
Border Police

A 36 year-old terrorist suspected of planning an attack on Israeli citizens was arrested Saturday, and  was also found in possession of police uniforms. 

Border Police arrested the suspect at the Mishor Adumim checkpoint after receiving tips about the man, a Bethlehem resident.

The resident raised suspicion after being found with the uniforms and was taken in for questioning. 

A commander involved in the case said that Border Police officers had been "deployed rapidly" after receiving the tip-offs. 

"Fortunately, thanks to accurate intelligence information and the determination and vigilance of the officers involved, we were able to make the arrest before he managed to achieve his aims."