Amman bans Israelis from women's conference

Women in Parliament Summit in Jordan this year - and Israelis were not invited.

Tova Dvorin ,

Jordanian parliament
Jordanian parliament

Over 400 female MPs and congresswomen are attending the first Women in Parliament (WIP) summit in the Middle East on Wednesday, this year being held in Amman, Jordan. 

While Israeli MKs have been known to participate - and WIP awarded Israel the 'Closing the Gender Gap - Middle East' award in 2013 - Amman banned Israelis from attending the conference, Elder in Ziyon reports. 

The head of Jordanian House of Representatives, Atef Tarawneh, stated Tuesday that "we asked in advance not to invite the Israelis, and we stressed that we would not welcome the Israeli delegation." The reason: to use the event to highlight the "Palestinian cause." 

EoZ could not determine conclusively whether an Israeli delegation is currently at the conference, but noted that if the WIP acquiesced, it would be a black mark on the records of the most supposedly powerful women in world governments. 

And there is some precedent for it: while WIP did award Israel the 2013 award, it noted, it created a second award - 'Closing the Gender Gap - Arab world' - in order to allow an Arab country to win additional awards due to Israel being the only non-Arab country in the Middle East.