Suspected serial killer: It wasn’t me

Fyodor Beizhneri who is suspected of murdering at least four women, denies involvement of crimes alleged against him.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Fyodor Beizhneri
Fyodor Beizhneri

Fyodor Beizhneri who was arrested on suspicion of rape and murder of at least four women in Haifa, attended a remand hearing on Monday at the Haifa Magistrate's Court.

"I did not do any of the things they say I did," said Beizhneri in Russian before the hearing began. "I just miss my family and children."

Beizhneri, a 26-year-old Moldovan immigrant married to an Israeli, has been linked to dozens of rape and sexual assault cases all over Israel and is also suspected of arson.

The investigation into Beizhneri's crimes is currently underway in some areas of the country, under a gag order, but police hope that sharing the suspect’s information and photograph will lead to more information, complaints or new evidence in the case.