Hundreds participate in May Day

Histadrut Chairman on Workers' Day: 'We will continue to bring genuine social change for Israel.'

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Tel Aviv ay Day rally
Tel Aviv ay Day rally
Photo: Daniel Bar-On, courtesy Histadrut spokesperson

Hundreds of people on Sunday attended the May 1st parade in Tel Aviv as a launch for the Israeli "Workers' Week" organized by the Histadrut labor union.

"What we need is an equal society and reduced gaps to bring the Israeli society to where it should be. It's in our hands," said Histadrut chairman Avi Nissenkorn. "We brought a thousand shekels to the minimum wage and will continue to make a difference on the issue of contract workers.”

"We will make sure people with disabilities are seen as equals, we will work and fight for working women and men to benefit from the same wages for equal work. Our obligation is to take care of retirees...we need to eradicate poverty."

“We are all one solidary family, and this is a holiday for the working man. We celebrate and continue our work to bring genuine social change for Israel,” Nissenkorn said.

He also addressed the young participants in the rally, including members of Dror Israel and the Working and Studying Youth, saying, "when I see you I believe in a good and rosy future for Israel and for equality. We have a statement here today - we will bring about social change."

Record number of hotline applicants

During May Day, the Histadrut hotline received over 700 inquiries from employees and retirees wishing to receive information about their rights. This represents an increase of 250% compared to the average leads on a normal day. Most of the employees and pensioners who turned to the hotline were interested in issues such as women's rights at work, pensions, social benefits and pay.

It should be noted that many of the calls were not unionized workers who sought to report on the effects of exploitation in the workplace. Throughout "Workers’ Week," the Histadrut will continue to run the *2383 hotline.