Jewish man arrested for throwing rocks at cars

Police arrest Jewish man from Rishon Lezion on suspicion of throwing rocks at vehicles on Route 431, including an ambulance.

Ido Ben-Porat,

Windshield damage from a rock
Windshield damage from a rock
Yaakov Lederman/Flash 90

A 44-year-old man from Rishon Lezion has been arrested on suspicion of throwing rocks at cars on Route 431.

Police say they believe that he was responsible for a number of such incidents over the past few weeks, in which he damaged several vehicles and even lightly injured a driver.

About six days ago, a rock was thrown at an ambulance on Route 431, severely damaging it. "We take attacks on MDA emergency vehicles very seriously and are confident that the police will bring the criminals to justice," said Eli Bin, the director of MDA.

The suspect will be taken before a court today for preliminary sentencing. His motives have yet to be discerned.