Watch: Nissim Black's tribute to his new homeland

Just in time for Passover: Jewish rapper's new single 'Zman Cheruteinu' displays his love for Israel, defiance of Arab terrorism.

Ari Soffer,

Nissim Black
Nissim Black

Just two months after making aliyah from the US, Jewish rapper Nissim Black has hit the ground in the Holy Land running.

Black, whose recent collaboration with Israel music star Gad Elbaz went viral, is already working on his new album, which is due to be released this summer.

His latest single - Zman Cheruteinu (Time of Our Freedom) - is also one of the Biblical names for the Passover or Pesach festival, which starts later this week.

Nissim, a rapper originally based in Seattle and known then as D. Black or Damien Black, has inspired thousands with his music since converting to Judaism some three years ago. 

His newest music video was shot in Beit She’an, Caesarea and in the Judean Hills of Israel, and was produced by Daniel Finkelman and directed by Sawyer Purman and Ben Anderson

The video is a clear tribute to Black's newfound homeland, with the hassidic rapper seen searching through beautiful Israeli landscapes and ancient roman ruins looking for "the time of our freedom."

"I want every Jew to take holy pride in their identity," says Black.

"The geula(redemption) is imminent, but the first redemption is being set free from the Egypt within," he added.

His song also features words of defiance in the face of continuing Arab terrorism in Israel, with Black calling for Jewish unity and declaring that the Jewish bond of brotherhood "is deeper than a knife gets, so together we fight this."

Ultimately, Black's message is one of optimism - in the Jewish people, the land of Israel, and the redemption.

"If we long for it enough and pray with all of our hearts, we could work wonders."