Trump least popular candidate since David Duke

Two thirds of Americans view Republican frontrunner unfavorably, worst for any presidential candidate since ex-KKK leader David Duke.

David Rosenberg,

Donald Trump at AIPAC
Donald Trump at AIPAC

Donald Trump has the highest unfavorable rating of any major presidential candidate since the former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke ran for the Democratic nomination in 1988.

According to a new ABC/Washington Post poll, the Republican frontrunner is viewed favorably by 31% of Americans, compared to a whopping 67% who view him unfavorably.

In recent decades, only Duke polled lower, with a 69% unfavorable rating.

Trump has dismissed similar polls which highlight his massive favorability gap, pointing out that at the same point in the 1980 presidential election, Ronald Reagan had a similar favorability rating of 30%.

But unlike Trump, Reagan’s unfavorable rating was below 50%.  According to an April 1980 Cambridge Reports survey, 44% of Americans viewed the former California governor unfavorably, 23% less than Trump’s unfavorable in Thursday’s poll.

Even among Republicans, Trump draws only tepid support, with 42% responding that they have a negative view of the party frontrunner, compared to 56% who view him positively.

Both Cruz and Kasich fared better than Trump according to the poll. Just over half of Americans, 53%, view Cruz unfavorably, compared to 36% who see him in a positive light. Kasich breaks even, with 39% favorable and unfavorable ratings.

Polling of head-to-head matchups against Hillary Clinton give similar results. According to last week’s McClatchy/Marist poll, Kasich would defeat Clinton 51 to 42 in a general election. Cruz tied Clinton in the poll with 47% a piece. Trump, on the other hand, loses by nearly double digits, 41 to 50.