Cruz: Trump supporters act like 'union boss thugs'

Ahead of New York primary, Republican candidate Ted Cruz accuses opponent staffers of violent tactics.

Shoshana Miskin,

Trump and Cruz
Trump and Cruz

Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz on Wednesday accused opponent and front-runner Donald Trump’s supporters of “acting like union boss thugs” in pursuit of the party nomination.

The Texas Senator told CNN moderator Anderson Cooper that Trump’s campaign staffers are intimidating potential Republican National Convention delegates.

"Donald and his team, it's almost like they're subjects in a course in clinical psychology. The conduct they do, literally, they accuse others of doing," he said during the New York ton hall event ahead of the state’s crucial Tuesday primary.

Cruz cited police reports claiming delegates in Colorado and Indiana were being intimidated by Trump supporters. “Violence doesn't belong in democracy, and the Trump campaign encourages it over and over again.”

“What Donald doesn’t like is losing elections,” said Cruz predicting that Trump would have a hard time getting the Republican backing at a contested convention.

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