Jewish activists clash with police outside court

Dozens protest detention of three Jewish youths accused of 'nationalistically-motivated crimes', denied lawyers.

Yoni Kempinski ,

עצור בהפגנת הפעילים
עצור בהפגנת הפעילים
צילום: חוננו

Dozens of right-wing activists demonstrated outside Lod District Court on Thursday, in protest at the continued detention of three Jewish youths suspected of unspecified nationalistically-motivated crimes.

The trio were arrested earlier this week by police, who have since denied them access to their lawyers. A court-imposed gag-order means the crimes they are allegedly suspected of have yet to be announced.

The protesters, many of them friends of the arrested youths, briefly clashed with police during the demonstration, and called for the suspects to be allowed to meet with their lawyers. Activists also shouted slogans against the Shin Bet security service, and urged them not to "torture" the detainees during their interrogation - a reference to the alleged torture of a number of suspects over the deadly Duma arson, most of whom were released shortly after due to lack of evidence.

A 17-year-old minor was arrested during the scuffles with police, but was released without charge shortly after. Protesters accuse police officers of using excessive force.