Border Police seize illegal weapon from Arabs

M-16 rifle discovered in suspicious Arab vehicle near Qalqilya. Two Palestinian Arabs taken for questioning.

Yedidya Ben Or,

The rifle that was caught
The rifle that was caught
Israel Police spokesman

Border Police officers on Tuesday night seized an M16-type rifle during a counter-terror operation on Highway 55 near Qalqilya.

During the operation, the officers identified a suspicious vehicle and decided to stop it.

The officers blocked off the road but the driver of the vehicle tried to veer off the road in an attempt to escape. A short car chase ensued, following which the officers were able to arrest the two occupants of the vehicle, who were trying to flee on foot.

A thorough search of the vehicle found an M-16 rifle which was hidden inside the walls of the trunk. The two occupants of the vehicle, both Palestinian Arab residents of Balata near Shechem (Nablus), were arrested and taken in for questioning.

The unit commander stated, "We are investing our resources in locating and seizing the illegal weapons and arresting the offenders. These weapons are often used both in the criminal as well as in the terrorist front and therefore we made every effort to find these weapons, carry out arrests and bring the perpetrators to justice.”