Belgian PM: Anti-terror operation continues

Belgian PM says police are continuing their anti-terror operation in Brussels after four officers were wounded in a raid on an apartment.

Ben Ariel,

Anti-terror operation in Brussels
Anti-terror operation in Brussels

Belgian police are continuing their anti-terror operation in Brussels after four officers, including a French policewoman, were lightly wounded in a raid on an apartment, Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel told a news conference on Tuesday evening, according to Reuters.

He gave no details of the operation, which began on Tuesday afternoon, nor did he confirm Belgian media reports that one suspect was killed and two others were at large.

Other ministers said two of the four injured officers had been released from hospital and stressed that the raid, linked to investigations into November's attacks on Paris, had not been expected to reveal much evidence.

The presence of French forces at the scene was a coincidence, one minister said, according to Reuters.

Belgium has been conducting raids on terror targets ever since the November 13 ISIS attacks in Paris, particularly in the Molenbeek district of Brussels where the terrorists are believed to have come from.

Belgium's security services were on the defensive after the attacks when they were accused of blunders, infighting and worrying leniency towards radicalism that let the perpetrators of the Paris attacks slip under the radar.

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