Suicide highlights divorced dads’ plight

The man wrote: ‘It’s not enough that the heart breaks, but to separate me from my children?,’ and then shot himself.

Gil Ronen ,


A married father committed suicide Tuesday by shooting himself in the head, apparently after he found out that his wife has been cheating on him and that she intends to prevent him from seeing his children.

“What kind of people are there in the world,” the man – whose initials are I.B. – wrote on Facebook Tuesday morning. “I have been married for 23 years, I admired my wife and I did not betray her even once. Now that she has understood that I caught her cheating she wants to divorce; it’s not enough that the heart breaks, but to distance me from my children as well.

“How much suffering, lies and hypocrisy there are in this worthless world… No one can help and there is no one to talk to. I have nowhere to go and no hope at all. Farewell, all of you, for I have had enough of this hypocritical life.”

The commenters on his message tried to cheer him up but relatives soon informed them that it was too late and that he had shot himself in the head and was hospitalized in critical condition. A few hours later, they announced he had died.

It can be gleaned from the message that the man understood that his wife intended to have a distancing order issued against him, as is common in divorce proceedings.

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked promised divorced fathers’ organizations last year that State Attorney’s Instruction 2.5, which effectively prevents the filing of charges against women who file false complaints of violence and sex offenses against men, would be annulled within a few weeks’ time. Several months have passed but this has not happened.

The rate of suicide among Israeli divorced men is nine times higher than among married ones. Often, they are assigned child support payments beyond their means, and face frivolous criminal charges about alleged violence. As a result of these charges, many are distanced from their homes and children for long periods of time.

All attempts to change this situation are met with stiff resistance from self-styled women’s groups, which claim to represent all women.