Cleared for publication
Samaria terrorist founded Cairo terror cell

ISA arrests Arab from Kabatiya who went to Egypt so as to study, but ended up recruiting other terrorists to attack Israel.

Ido Ben-Porat,

Terrorist (illustration)
Terrorist (illustration)

The Israeli Security Agency (ISA) cleared for publication on Sunday that together with the police it arrested Mohammed Najib Mustafa Nazal (33), a resident of Kabatiya in Samaria, back in late January.

Nazal left his town back in 2007 and went to Egypt so as to study in Cairo - but there he founded a terror cell and recruited terrorists to conduct attacks against Israel.

Nazal is a member of Katib al-Mujahideen ("Holy Warriors Brigades"), a terrorist organization that split off from Fatah's Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades and adopted Islamist symbols.

Members of the organization have conducted numerous attacks against Israeli targets in recent years, including rocket strikes, as well as attempts to conduct terror activities from within Israeli territory.

The terror group is in contact with Hamas, from which it receives aid and guidance, as well as weapons and training. In effect it is under Hamas's authority in Gaza and is funded and directed by it.

Under ISA investigation Nazal admitted that while in Egypt he worked to recruit students from Judea and Samaria studying there, and send them to Gaza for military training before infiltrating back into Judea and Samaria.

He added that the goal of the recruitment was in order to create a military infrastructure in Judea and Samaria.

Nazal managed his activities in Cairo from an apartment where he held meetings with Katib al-Mujahideen terrorists from Gaza, and the head of the terror group Assad Abu Sharia even made a visit to the apartment.

In addition the apartment was used for meetings of senior Hamas members from Gaza, as well as for meetings of terrorists from other groups. 

Nazal confessed in investigation to being involved in transferring funds for the terror infrastructure he was establishing so that they could conduct "military" activities. He also said he was aware of a route of transferring large quantities of weapons from Libya in to Egypt, and from there to Gaza.

An indictment will be submitted against Nazal to the military court in Gaza in the coming days.