Israel-Lebanon border in Samaria?

Beit Aryeh regional head outraged that unfinished road designed for residents' safety is being used for filming a movie.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

"Israel-Lebanon Border"
"Israel-Lebanon Border"
Photo: Spokesperson

Beit Aryeh regional head Avi Naim has demanded for several years that the government complete construction of the bypass road from Beit Aryeh to the western Binyamin region in Samaria, after paving abruptly stopped just two kilometers before it finished.

So far, 250 million shekels ($63 million) has been invested in the road, yet it remains unfinished for a long time despite repeated promises by the defense minister and prime minister.

Last week, as Avi Naim made his way out of the town, he noticed a great production on the road and was certain that paving for the last kilometers had finally begun.

As he approached, the regional head realized that in fact a set was being built for an Israeli cinematic film. A production company transformed part of the road to be the “Israel-Lebanon Border” for a movie.

"This is not a comedy, it is a tragedy and thoughtless," said Namin. "Instead of the Ministry of Defense doing their job and taking care of the safety of the residents of Judea and Samaria, it finds time to conduct business on the road. After my countless appeals to the defense minister and the prime minister on the subject - no one can argue that they do not know about the incomplete road.”

"I remind you that we are in the midst of a tense period rife with violence and security concerns. The Israeli government has an obligation to ensure the safety of the residents of west Binyamin among others, by completing the bypass road and opening it for the safe travels of residents,” said Naim.

The Ministry of Defense responded that ''we encourage the creation of Israeli cinema, and generally look positively at any request which fulfills the proper provisions.”

''In this context, the Ministry of Defense approved the production of an Israeli film to use a small section of an unfinished road. The approval was granted for a limited period after the production company met all the security requirements.”

''The road is not completed for vehicles, and its continued construction does not comply with the security priorities of the defense budget."