Drunk knife-wielding monkey attacks Brazil bar

After chugging a glass of rum, pernicious primate grabs a knife and starts chasing men, leaving women alone in a clear case of sexism.

Ari Yashar,

Drunk monkey with knife
Drunk monkey with knife

Not your regular drunk bar fight: a ruckus broke out at a bar in Brazil earlier this month, that began when a monkey chugged a glass of rum and went on to grab a kitchen knife and go on a rampage.

Firefighters in Patos, Paraiba, were called to the bar on February 5 after the monkey began chasing men with the knife, but noticeably left women alone.

The case was reported by the aRede website and picked up by UPI on Wednesday, and one intrepid local even managed to get the inebriated primate on camera as it menacingly waved its massive knife on the roof.

Lt. Col. Saul Laurentino of the local fire department told aRede that "it was a bar staff oversight that ended with the monkey drinking some rum and taking the knife."

The daring firefighters put their lives on the line and managed to corral the monkey, disarming him and separating him from his weapon of choice - and drink of choice.

However, after being released back to the wild, the unrepentant reprobate was captured a second time after acting aggressively against residents living near the woods. 

Authorities now are trying to decide whether to release the monkey again and risk him relapsing yet again, or else put him in permanent captivity and sobriety.