Attempted stabbing attack prevented

Would be stabber caught and apprehended by police outside Damascus Gate in Jerusalem.

Raphael Poch,

Knife (illustration)
Knife (illustration)
Credit: Israel Police

Police apprehended a 26-year-old Arab who was caught carrying a knife outside the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem. The Arab man aroused police suspicion and was questioned by police who searched him for weapons. Police found that the individual was carrying a large knife concealed in his sleeve. 

During the initial investigation which followed, police found out that the would-be-terrorist came from the Jenin area.

the Police Commander of the Shalem precinct said that " the awareness and skill of the police officers prevented an attack against security forces and innocent civilians. Our steadfast monitoring and activities will continue in order to continue to provide protection for all citizens."

On Sunday four attempted attacks were prevented over the course of the day with no injuries to Israeli civilians.