Israeli diplomat accused of beating his daughter

Israeli official reportedly beat underage daughter with leather belt while abroad on a diplomatic mission.

Cynthia Blank,

Sad, depressed girl
Sad, depressed girl

An indictment was filed Thursday at the Jerusalem Magistrates Court against an unnamed Israeli diplomat accused of beating his daughter.

According to the indictment, Channel 10 reports, the beatings took place while the father was representing Israel abroad on a diplomatic mission. 

He is accused of beating his underage daughter with a leather belt "as part of the child's education."

During one reported beating, the diplomat told his daughter what to say if police ever questioned her and then had her perform a "simulation" with him as the police officer. 

The father instructed her to tell police investigators the entire incident was a mistake because she was upset. 

The diplomat is charged with several counts of assaulting a minor, causing injury and obstruction.