Palestinian rock thrower shot by IDF

IDF opens fire on Arabs hurling potentially lethal rocks and firebombs at soldiers stationed outside of Hevron. Rioter reported killed.

Raphael Poch ,

Firebomb attack (illustration)
Firebomb attack (illustration)
Flash 90

Palestinian rioters hurled rocks and molotov cocktails at IDF forces amid a protest near the town of al-Arub, which is located just outside of Hevron in Judea.

A large group of Arab teenagers and young men held a protest outside of the town which quickly turned violent. Rioters began hurling potentially lethal large rocks and firebombs at IDF forces who were stationed in the area to ensure calm. 

IDF forces responded to the attack by utilizing crowd dispersing tactics including rubber bullets and tear gas. As the protesters continued to use violent force and encroached upon the position of the soldiers, the soldiers began to use live fire amid warnings, firing into the air first, and then at the lower extremities of the assailants. 

Palestinian news agency Ma'an claimed that one 16-year-old was shot in the chest and killed by IDF gunfire. The IDF responded by saying that the live gunfire was aimed at the lower body, and that is where the rock-throwing teenager was shot, while he was carrying out a violent rock-throwing attack against the soldiers. 

According to the IDF statement, the Palestinian teenager was shot and wounded, and then evacuated by paramedics to the Palestinian hospital in Hevron. Doctors at the hospital declared his death after attempting to resuscitate him.