UK taxpayers funding 'torture in Palestine'

British site reveals government under fire for giving mass sums to B'Tselem, after latter revealed to be aiding in PA executions.

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B'Tselem protest (file)
B'Tselem protest (file)
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A British news site revealed on Wednesday that the UK government has handed over vast funds to the radical B'Tselem organization in Israel, which was just weeks exposed to be involved in the torture and murder of Palestinian Arabs.

The British Foreign Office was sharply criticized on Tuesday night according to The Sun, after it came out that it gave £227,988 (around $323,000) in taxpayer money to B'Tselem since 2010.

The Foreign Office claimed the aid stopped in 2013, with parliamentary records showing the funding dates back as far as 2006.

B'Tselem employee Nasser Nawaja, along with radical leftist activist Ezra Nawi, were exposed in a broadcast by the "Uvda" TV show on Channel 2 earlier this month, showing how they hand over the names of Arabs wanting to sell land to Jews, giving information to the Palestinian Authority (PA) that tortures and then executes the "offenders."

In response to the expose B'Tselem, which was revealed to be partially funded by the PA, defended the actions leading to the death of Arabs by calling it the "only legitimate channel" to block Jews from living in the region.

Ukip MEP Steven Woolfe told The Sun he intends to raise the issue of the funding to the European Parliament, and said, "the EU and UK must immediately suspend funding of B’Tselem."

“It is outrageous that British taxpayers money is, via the back door, going towards aiding and abetting torture in Palestine. It further reinforces how mad the aid policies are of the EU, UK and other European governments.”

NGO Monitor president Prof. Gerald Steinberg also commented on the revelation, telling the site, "for many years, the British government, largely through the Department for International Development has provide millions of pounds in taxpayer funds annually to radical NGOs whose activities make peace between Israelis and Palestinians even more difficult.”

“B’Tselem is a prominent example, although far from the only one, and given the large number of NGOs active in Israel and the Palestinian Authority, there is no justification for British government subsidies.”